AndroidBureau blog is here for you to read because of my infatuation with all things Android. I like the open nature of Android, i like the brilliant community that has grown around this project from which everybody seems only to benefit and i really believe that mighty Google will stay the course and will deliver better and better Android iterations regardless of any obstacles and criticism that they may face.

I will try to post almost everyday about everything related to Android and the wonderful smartphones   on which it runs. You will discover on AndroidBureau documented information about the future of smartphones and Android, educated opinions about the features that we find in today's smartphone and, be sure, criticism and objectivity regarding Android whenever i found that is necessary.

So, without further ado, i invite you to read the articles that you will find on his blog and to participate and state your opinion in the comments field. You can also contact me on Android's Bureau Google+ page, Facebook or Twitter.