Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Root your phone?


So, you are a proud owner of new and shinny top of the line Android smartphone. You played with it, it is always in your hands or in your close proximity, you have explored every inch of that gorgeous  screen and abused all of it's settings hoping to find a last hidden option that you somehow missed . But yet, you still find yourself wanting, demanding more! More themes, more settings, more applications, more of everything.  If this is the case than you might be affected by chronic smartphone dependency and you are in need of an urgent treatment. The cure is quick, works like a charm every time and it simply implies applying a bit of "root" to your smartphone.

Before you attempt to root your precious device, make sure that you have done your part of reading. The most important aspect here is to be well informed and conscientious in following the necessary steps to successfully root your phone. Informing yourself about the basics of rooting can be achieved in the best place on the internet to find rooting guides and custom ROM's and that place is definitely  +XDA Developers Forum. Once you get yourself comfortable with +xda-developers , search for a topic specific to your device and it's almost certain that you will discover a method for rooting that has been tested before and proven to work for everybody.  XDA Developers Forum is the most trustworthy source for rooting guides.The time spent researching the right method to root your device will be also useful in your future technical endeavors.

Rooting preparations


You start by making sure that your smartphone is fully charged. You will also have to turn USB debugging option on in your phone (you can find this option under settings/developer menu on most phones) Also, most likely, you will be plugging your phone in your computer in order to root it and to do that you need appropriate USB drivers that you will find on the website of your phone manufacturer.

Installing Android SDK on your PC is a must and you may also find that other software is required. So, make sure that you install all the software that you need before proceeding further.

  • One-click rooting

The easiest way of rooting your android smartphone is by far SuperOneClick. This method also supports a large variety of devices and it's the most secure and trouble free way of rooting your phone. Of course, there are other one-click-root solutions out there but we will focus for now on SuperOneClick. Let's get started:

  1. download SuperOneClick
  2. make sure you have the Android SDK running on your PC 
  3. unzip and run SuperOneClick.exe 
  4. make sure your phone is connected to the computer via USB 
  5. check and make sure that your SD card is not mounted 
  6. just go ahead and click “Root” in SuperOneClick on your PC 
  7. the magic unfolds now 
  8. after "Succes" check if you have SuperUser icon on your phone. If you have it than you are OK. 
  9. This is it. You are done! 

See, wasn't that hard after all. You Sir, have just rooted your phone and a world of geeky wonders awaits you: custom ROM's, overclocked processors, thousand of themes, deep customization and tones of new way to control your newly reborned smartphone.

Happy Rooting everybody!
By Aleman Adrian