Monday, July 8, 2013

All about Motorola Moto X Phone


The force is strong with this one. The rumor mill and the hype machine, both running at maximum revolutions, coupled with some inside information and leaked specs place this particular smartphone, the Motorola X, on a higher than usual "IWant" scale. In this article you can read all about the rumored specs, price and release date of the Moto X smartphone.

The excitement and the drama surrounding Google's Motorola upcoming Moto X is at it's highest these days. Why? For this to work you will have put on your tin foils now. Look at the picture above. Do you see that guy jumping in the lake? Doesn't he look like a human X? Yes, it does. What about the women, doesn't she look like a big I letter or the one number to you? So what, you may ask, we have like a human "XI" or something like that, that doesn't mean anything...not so fast, cowboy. The Romans ( yes, the Romans from Roman Empire) used these symbols to count and these 2 symbols put together form a number and that  number is...11! Motorola announced a big event for 11 of July 2013 at which were invited just a few carefully selected journalists. Well, it remains to be seen how things will unfold. Will we get the new Moto X or it will be just another publicity gimmick, only time will tell (3 days from now to be more precises).

Tin foils off gentleman's, time for some true facts now. Let's start with Motorola X Phone specs:
Motorola Moto X Smartphone (picture courtesy of GSMArena)

  • 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 720p
  • 1.7 GHz dual core ARM processor
  • 2.0 GB of RAM
  • Adreno 320 GPU graphics processor (a special one as you will see)
  • 10MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera
  • 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage space
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.3 (not 100%, maybe will see Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2) 

At first glimpse this looks not at all so impressive, more like middelish smartphone specs for 2013. But don't forget for a second that Motorola is a Google owned company now. Back in 2012 all mighty Google acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billions. You don't invest so much if you don't have a carefully layout plan to dominate the market (and the world!). Maybe the new mobile Android ecosystem that Google has envision for the future doesn't require top of the line hardware, maybe Google is focusing more on providing a context aware, adaptative and anticipatory smartphone. So, how smart can you make a smartphone? Very smart, according to Google and Motorola:
  • Motorola X will make good use of Google's advanced voice recognition technology and will know that you are in your car, driving to work for example, and will automatically turn on voice search and voice commands 
  • take your Moto X out of your pocket and hold it like you gonna take a picture and the camera app will automatically open  for you. You can evean film slow motion videos with MotoX phone
  • are you speeding on the highway with over 80 miles? Motorola X is smart enough to not let you open the messaging app, for your safety, of course

To be able to achieve this kind of software-hardware integration Motorola X phone will make good use of the so called "ultra-low power sensors" that won't consume much of smartphone’s battery. The Moto X will  use a couple of processors on the GPU that enable “always-on” sensors, like always on gyroscope or microphone for voice commands, so that your phone will remain contextually aware of what’s going on around it.


Another first in smartphone industry is that  Moto X phone will allow customers to completely customize the look and feel of the device. You will be able to choose from a palette of different colors -at least 12 of them- for your back cover, trim of the phone or front cover, you will have the possibility to engrave text or signs on your Motorola X and all of this personalized devices will be delivered  to buyers all over the world within a couple of days after placing the order.

Motorola X Phone Press Release Photo

Instead of the usual closing words for my articles i will leave you with what seems to be a very patriotic and uplifting promotional campaign:

“The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming.” 

A bit too cheesy? Or maybe is just me? Ok, it's just me.
What are your thoughts on the new Motorola X Phone? Are you excited, will you sell your Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 and buy a Moto X instead?

L.E. According to Huffington Post, Moto X could be launched "in the coming weeks". Until then i leave you with a picture that captures Motorola X Phone in the wild ( at the ear of a prominent CEO )
Google CEO Eric Schmidt holding the Motorala X Phone
What better way is there to promote Motorola X then Eric Schmidt, the CEO at Google, holding it at his ear?
By Aleman Adrian