Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The state of Android Key Lime Pie


Google could launch their next generation mobile operating system, code named Key Lime Pie or simply Android 5.0, in October this year, while Motorola, which is now owned by the online giant is expected to launch the X Phone, the next iteration in the Google Nexus line of products at the end of this summer. Google Nexus devices, phone and tablets, will offer the pure Android experience and will represent Google's official image.

Although many people expected Key Lime Pie to be premiered at the Google conference in May, Google only announced an update for the existing Android mobile operating system, Jelly Bean 4.3, that will land on our smartphones around the date of 20 of June 2013. This is believed to be the last Jelly Bean 4.3 update ahead of Key Lime Pie and will bring minor user interface improvements and some bug fixes, as Jelly Bean is already a well polished OS.

android-logo-with-slices-of-limes-insideSo, how can Google top an almost perfect Android? The first whispers and rumors about Android 5 Key Lime Pie tell us that Google focused on addressing one of the worries that concerned many users with older smartphones. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be optimized for lower-end devices to, not only for the top of the line smartphones. Key Lime Pie will most likely run effortlessly on smartphones witch have 512 MB of ram memory​​ or less and even on phones with a single core processor!

Fragmentation is one of the biggest problems in Android ecosystem and Google hopes that through carefully engineering Key Lime Pay, this unfortunate complication will be long forgotten. That's why with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, Google has a completely re-engineered kernel, and this can only mean that the mobile operating system will need less RAM to operate and also will be smoother, faster and better when it comes to multitasking.

Android Key Lime Pie
One rumor that keeps coming up when there is talk about  Key Lime Pie is the debuting of profiles on Android devices. Sure, you can already find profiles on those Android custom ROM's, but this custom ROM's are not for everybody to play with. So, the introduction of profiles on stock Android is a very welcomed addition. I mean, who wouldn't be glad to be able to activate, let's say, night mode profile, where every single call, sms and email  will be filtered out and data transfers and synchronization over 3G/4G or WIFI will be cut out, leaving you with more precious battery juice in the morning and a good night's sleep?

Informed sources also tell us that Key Lime Pie will better and tighter integrate with social media networks like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Facebook and will offer enhance screen, power menu and lock screen customization. The rumor mill keeps on spinning and gives us another piece of information: in Android 5 you will be able to try applications or play a short demo of a game directly from Google Play Store before you actually download them!
Android Key Lime Pie User Interface Concept

Now, just a few words about the user interface of Key Lime Pie. That was it! A few words. And this is because we really don't have any clues yet about how Google's design department will address this important aspect of Android 5 development. But, don't dispear, i still managed to discover something spectacular for you, my dear curious in nature readers: i digged deep through the interwebs and i have pick up on a sensational Key Lime Pie design concept. Tip: all the picture that are scattered through this post come from this design concept. I advice Google to hurry up and hire this guy before Microsoft or Apple will.


By Aleman Adrian