Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 5 Android Applications of June 2013

Who doesn't fancy a top 10? Or a concise and informative list? We all do, we love them! So i decided to compile a documented top of Android apps in every month. Let's get started.

Are you in search of new apps and would  like to install fresh and innovative  applications on your Android device? Look no further! Here, in this post, you will find a list of five successful Android apps as of June 2013.

You can find numerous apps on Google Play market, and shuffling through them can be quite overwhelming and intimidating sometimes. You can loose your way fast and you can end up installing Google Play apps that you don't really want or need. And that's where i intervene. The role of this kind of posts will be to guide you through the apps jungle. Here are just some of the free apps that you must install on your Android phones or tablets. Five of them. This applications have old stats and by now they have been downloaded by millions from Google Android Play Store. Oh, and did i mentioned that they are free? Click on the name of the application for more detailed information and free download.

5. Soundhound

Say you are on a terrace, enjoying your tea, and suddenly that music track that you so much enjoyed on the radio on your way to work, just pops up from the speakers on the terrace. Now you really have to know what's it called and this is where Soundhound comes in handy. Much like Shazam, Soundhound can recognize a song by "listening" to a tune  from a speaker in about five or four seconds. You will also get up to date information on touring dates of that artist or band, you can watch music videos related to the artist, buy the song, view lyrics and even share your newly discovered favorite artist on Facebook or Twitter. Nice!

4. Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing application for mobile devices and it can be found both on Android and IOS. How does it work? Simply. You take a photo, then choose an effect that you apply to this photo, share it online on Instagram's own network or on any other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. But what makes these app so popular? Instagram  was the first application who made editing and sharing photos easy and so it managed to established itself as the choice when you wanted to install a photo-sharing app on your smartphone. Celebrities use it, car manufacturers use it, politicians use it and all of your friends use it! Everybody is using it. What are you waiting for? Download Instagram.

3. Beautiful Widgets Lite

A nice feature that only Android smartphone have is the ability to add all kind of widgets to your homescreen. Beautiful Widgets offers a ton of these widgets . You will have widgets that can tell the time,  weather conditions in your area or any other place that you are interested in and you can also see a beautiful animations of your battery status. You can resize any of these widgets to fit on your Android device screen. Another nice addition is the possibility to set up all kinds of animation to make your home screen feel more alive.

2. One Today by Google

For all of those who feel compel to do a good think every day, this application, developed by Google, showcases on your phone various nonprofit organization every day and offers them a chance to donate 1$. The do-gooders can support different causes ranging from protecting the environment to helping starving children in Africa and also, through social media or email, can encourage their friends to donate too! One Today by Google  is currently available only in a few countries through a limited pilot.

1. Vine

Vine, an Iphone exclusive application until recently, is live on Google Play for every androider out there to enjoy! What is so great about Vine, you ask? With Vine you can shoot a short video, exactly six second long, and then share it on your Twitter. Most like Instagram, with Vine for Android it' all about user created content. You will find that more and more celebrities have Vine accounts and you are witnessing the inception of a huge hype wave that will engulf all social media. Trust me, i'm from the internets!

I really hope you enjoyed my first "top 5 Android applications" and you have find it useful in your quest for a better Android experience.  The good application are out there, we just need to get to them!
By Aleman Adrian